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The Robbery

August 08, 2010 by in Short Stories, Writing

This is a short play rather than a story, but being my only one, it doesn’t warrant a new category.

Late at night in a darkened kitchen. Sam enters and moves towards the fridge.

Sam: What do I want?


Chuck: Oh dear, an inhabitant ahead.

Sam: Who are you?

Chuck: Never mind, continue your conversation with the fridge.

Sam: What?

Chuck: You know, I’m quite thirsty. Are you going to get something or
are you just trying to cool the room?

Chuck: Ah, this is nice. Have to get the bag out for this one.

Sam: Hey! That’s my Mom’s prized Lumberjack Award.

Chuck: Mmm, good milk. Yes, very good.

Sam: What you doing in that draw?

Chuck: Searching…

Sam: Get out of there!

Chuck: Why look, is this you?

Sam: Yes, when I was nine. Listen, I don’t know who you are. You can’t stay here!

Chuck: I won’t be long.

Sam: Put that stuff down.

Chuck: Let an honest man do his job in peace.

Sam: Honest?

Chuck: Have I lied?

Sam: You’re stealing, you thief!

Chuck: I prefer the term Repossession Engineer.

Sam: I’m calling the police; look, they’re on the line.

Sam: I need help fast, there is an intruder in my kitchen.

Chuck: When you are finished may I have a word?

Sam: My address is 104 Hippo Dr. The burglar wants to say something.

Chuck: Who is this? Barney! It’s Chuck, old buddy. Are we still on for
Go Fish Thursday?

Chuck: Of course I’ll bring the doughnuts.

Chuck: This boy? Yes, he’s quite annoying. No, no, I don’t need any
help. See you Thursday.

Sam: I don’t believe this is happening.

Chuck: Makes my work easier, that does.

Sam: I’ll be right back, you better be gone before I return.

Chuck: Any idea how much this beautiful set of dishes is worth?

Sam: Look here, this gun is loaded. Get out!

Chuck: What an amazing piece! This will make a fine addition to my
rifle collection.

Sam: Well, you should know I took karate lessons. You’re lucky I’ve
held back until now…

Chuck: When I am done in the kitchen you will have to give me a tour of
the house, you must have more treasures where this comes from.

Sam: I’m a killing machine!

Chuck: Why, that’s not a very safe place for all this money.

Sam: I give up, I can’t take this!

Chuck: You take? I’m doing the work here.

Sam: You can have it, just stay away from me!


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