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Nature, Humanity, Myth, and Experience on the Quinnipiac River Linear Trail

August 08, 2010 by Eric Marcarelli in Nature, Writing 0 comments
Mornings begin cold and dark for in the late fall. I often go out walking before the sun rises and wander the sides of roads past rows of houses lit by the moon and an occasional street light. On days when I am fortunate enough to walk at dawn I almost invariably choose the same destination: the Quinnipiac River Linear Trail at Lakeside Park. This trail, which passes by a lake and through a forest, provides a continual source of experiences with nature. I come to nature with a firmly scientific view of life’s origins in evolution, and believe nature can be used as an inspiration to help humans construct meaning and purpose in their lives. Strictly speaking, humans are as much a part of nature as any other animals, but for the sake of avoiding unwieldy language I will use this term as a shorthand for describing places and creatures that have been left free, or mostly free, of human development. It is easy sometimes to be swept up by the conveniences of modern life and become disconnected from the natural world. Certainly, the progress of technology and the myriad benefits humanity can gain by exploiting natural resources contribute […]

Welcome to the new Alder Forest

August 06, 2010 by Eric Marcarelli in Projects 0 comments
After a stretch of neglect, I’ve torn down the old site and put up this new, improved version. I’m currently working on mildly revising and posting the content I’d like to keep around.