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The Music of the Forest

April 10, 2015 by Eric Marcarelli in Nature, Short Stories, Writing 0 comments
Brom’s left foot was cold. In truth his entire body was cold, but his left foot was also wet, so it stood out as especially uncomfortable. His mind had little else to do but ruminate on the irony of having a leaky boot as he trudged beside his ox, carrying a wagon load of shoe leather through the winter forest. Under better conditions, on better roads, he might perch himself on the cart and ride along on the ox’s strength. Of course, that was least advisable when it would be most welcome. This road, hardly worthy of the name, wound around the side of the mountain with a wall of rock on one side and a steep and perilous descent into bare trees and rocks on the other. It was bad enough in the summer when holes, rocks, and roots alternated with impassible mud. Now, in the heart of winter, a bed of snow obscured and enhanced the risks, alternating only with sheets of ice. There was no chance Brom could rest his feet at least until he reached the relative safety of the wide, well traveled road that led into Troutbeck. It was only mid afternoon but already the […]

Memories of the Cold

February 19, 2014 by Eric Marcarelli in Culture, Nature, Walking, Writing 0 comments
Recent days have been the coldest I can recall. In previous years I’ve seen a few -1° or -3° days, to be sure, but they’re usually the apex of cold, sprinkled among relatively warmer days. This has been quite a stretch. Most notably, last Friday, the day of the season’s biggest snowfall to date, there was a combination of strong, snow-filled wind and a temperature of -9° when I ventured out into the pre-dawn darkness. I dressed for adventure. I started with two pairs of pants, which was not unusual, as I often wear sweat pants over my jeans when it snows. But this was the first time I ever put on both my lighter weight and heavier winter coats at the same time. Luckily I was still able to lower my arms. It may be the first time I’ve worn not two but three pairs of socks, and it was definitely the first time I wrapped a scarf around my face so that only a slit remained for my eyes. Over the scarf I wore my heavy coat’s hood. Under it, in ascending order, I had a winter hat, a sweatshirt hood, and the hood of my lightweight jacket. […]

The Stone Wall at Tagamore Swamp

August 08, 2010 by Eric Marcarelli in Nature, Poems, Writing 0 comments
No tame trail leads one there Through wild rye and tangled brier, Over paths unworn, To the old stone wall That weathers all. A remnant of lost triumph; The artifact of forgotten struggle. When leaves ate wood And thatch wore to soil, Crops to seed, And stock to feral, It stood there still: The old stone wall That weathers all.

The Fort

August 08, 2010 by Eric Marcarelli in Nature, Poems, Writing 0 comments
Deep in the dense army of green, Beyond the swift and twisting stream, Well hidden this place too few have seen: Composed of twisted branches, bushes, and beam. Through long summer days well spent, Through heat and rain it never bent. This place in time now lost, But never forgotten.

Nature, Humanity, Myth, and Experience on the Quinnipiac River Linear Trail

August 08, 2010 by Eric Marcarelli in Nature, Writing 0 comments
Mornings begin cold and dark for in the late fall. I often go out walking before the sun rises and wander the sides of roads past rows of houses lit by the moon and an occasional street light. On days when I am fortunate enough to walk at dawn I almost invariably choose the same destination: the Quinnipiac River Linear Trail at Lakeside Park. This trail, which passes by a lake and through a forest, provides a continual source of experiences with nature. I come to nature with a firmly scientific view of life’s origins in evolution, and believe nature can be used as an inspiration to help humans construct meaning and purpose in their lives. Strictly speaking, humans are as much a part of nature as any other animals, but for the sake of avoiding unwieldy language I will use this term as a shorthand for describing places and creatures that have been left free, or mostly free, of human development. It is easy sometimes to be swept up by the conveniences of modern life and become disconnected from the natural world. Certainly, the progress of technology and the myriad benefits humanity can gain by exploiting natural resources contribute […]